By | October 15, 2010 12:00 am

It’s been a busy week for first-year medical students at the UCF College of Medicine as they crammed for tough tests in Human Body Molecules to Cells HB-1.

The intense studying was apparent if you walked into one of the PBLs on the second floor, with “study wallpaper” that covered every wall thanks to M-1 student Roger Sandelin.

Roger plastered the walls with drawings, posters and outlines of metabolism pathways with color-coded names of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and metabolic inhibitors.

“It just started as a way to draw out the metabolism pathways, because I like to be able to use colors and larger print,” Roger said. “But it really helped me study so I decided to do it all four weeks before the final and then I ended up covering all of the walls. I was trying to find a more effective study method to master more material. And the different colors helped break up the monotony of a sea of black print.”

Roger said the study system helped him on the HB-1 exam so he’s going to “stick with the idea of wallpapering a study room for HB-2 and see if the trend continues.”

From PBLs to the library to the Tavistock Green, M-1s are enjoying the new medical education building as they adjust to their first year of medical school. With the Florida weather cooling down, several students recently took a well-deserved mid-day nap on the Tavistock Green to get their second wind for studying.

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