By Wendy Sarubbi | June 16, 2014 3:28 pm

A drawing created by third-year M.D. student Michael Metzner is the cover image on this month’s edition of “The New Physician,” the journal of the American Medical Student Association.

The illustration, of a human brain surrounded by weathered pages of literature, is designed to symbolize the unity between the sciences and the arts, said Metzner. “We have that organ system that unites us all, but another thing that unites us is the way that we can communicate through the arts,” he explained.

Linking arts and medicine has been the theme of Metzner’s time at the UCF College of Medicine. He helped create the Arts in Medicine (AIM) student group and has helped organized events at the college and across the country dedicated to helping medical students and physicians express themselves through music, dance, art and literature. Metzner, who hopes to become a pediatric surgeon, holds undergraduate degrees in biological chemistry and visual arts. He sings, draws, paints, photographs and has performed as a concert pianist.

This month’s edition of “The New Physician” is its 20th annual Creative Arts Collection, displaying the artistic talents of medical students from across the country. Of more than 140 submissions, Metzner’s work was selected for the cover. Two other of his pieces were selected for the magazine – a photograph of a bare back designed to illustrate what he calls “the inherent beauty of the human body” and a drawing of a heart.

“I was very surprised that three pieces of mine were chosen,” Metzner said. “I expected the magazine to be filled with art, but there was only a very small selection that they chose to include.”

Metzner attributes his opportunities to explore art and medicine to the College of Medicine’s unique and innovative approach to training the next generation of physicians. “I really love this place,” he said. “Even in my interviews, it was apparent that I had this passion for the arts, and wanted to bring it to the healthcare environment. The college has supported me and enabled me to reach for whatever I’ve set my mind to.”

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