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ORLANDO, June 11, 2010 — Going to a professional conference? Speaking in public about the College of Medicine? Bring along some facts! The College of Medicine Spring Fact Book is complete and the small, pocket-sized publication provides valuable information on enrollment, research funding and the emerging medical city at Lake Nona.

The Fact Book provides an overview of both the College of Medicine and UCF and is a great way to share details about our medical school’s vision, proud history and exciting future.

Some newsworthy items in the Fact Book include:

  • Our College of Medicine is the first medical school in the U.S. to begin implementing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Patient Safety Curriculum.
  • The college is the first medical school in U.S. history to offer full four-year scholarships for an entire class.
  • The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) noted that the developing knowledge management and assessment systems at the college have the potential to be national models.
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