By Wendy Sarubbi | April 1, 2013 10:42 am

College of Medicine Dean Deborah German, M.D. describes art as “the healthy spirit that lives in all of us,” and that spirit is alive and well at the Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library. There, the walls and bookcases are decorated with paintings, sketches, ceramics, photography, stained glass and a quilt created by College of Medicine faculty, staff and students.

As the charter class graduates on May 17, Library Director Nadine Dexter is advising fourth-year students and all other artists that they can certainly take back their work or continue loaning it to the library. And she urges new students and employees to consider loaning a piece of work to the collection.

“People who come into the library love the artwork,” she said. “It makes the space relaxing, warm and inviting – like a home. We’re always delighted to receive donations of work.”

Students using the library also are delighted. “The artwork on the walls of the library brings color and provides a conducive environment for studying,” said first-year M.D. student Meshal Soni. “I often like to take breaks from my computer screen to look at the artwork around me. One of the drawings in the library depicts the human skeleton and it was interesting to look at it while I was studying during my HB-2 module and learning the anatomy of the human body. It provided me with a different perspective. I think it is helpful having artwork in the library, it makes those long hours of studying more relaxing.”

Students, faculty and staff interested in loaning work to the library should drop off the art at the library front desk. Please attach your name and the work’s title to the piece. Each piece of art is displayed with a card that describes the artist, the medium, the work’s name and any explanation of its meaning.

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