By Wendy Sarubbi | June 21, 2013 10:36 am

Josue Rodas, executive director of the College of Medicine’s Regional Extension Center, shared his perspectives on health information technology in a featured interview with The Institute for Health Technology Transformation.

The group is the leading organization committed to bringing together private and public sector leaders to foster the growth and effective use of technology across the healthcare industry.  Working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders, including hospitals, other healthcare providers, health plans, patients and academic institutions, the institute provides programs that drive innovation and provide a critical understanding of how technology can improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare.

In a Q and A format, the institute interviewed Rodas on a variety of topics. These included strategies that providers should use in adopting electronic records, how use of records can contain healthcare costs, and ways health IT is changing the relationship between patients and providers. Rodas also discussed the future of health information exchanges and the REC’s work in assisting Central Florida physicians.

“It’s so exciting to have an opportunity to lead and to contribute to this exciting movement that’s going on in health information technology,” he said, noting that so far the REC has helped 2,100 health providers start using electronic health records and plans to bring 100 percent of them to meaningful use.

Rodas served as a faculty member at the Institute’s Health IT Summit in Fort Lauderdale June 12-13.

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