By Wendy Sarubbi | October 28, 2011 2:44 pm

In keeping with a UCF College of Medicine tradition, M-1 students recently practiced their Anatomy Lab surgical skills on pumpkins in honor of true Halloween tradition.

The students just began their 17 weeks of HB-2, and last year’s new M.D. class began the tradition of pumpkin carving as a way to commemorate the fall season and the medical school rite of passage into Anatomy Lab.

This year’s surgeons created some intricate artwork, including pumpkins carved with a cat, a witch over a caldron and a giant spider.

Dr. Juan Cendan, a surgeon and director of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, viewed the carved pumpkins displayed in front of the medical education building and said the College of Medicine may have a few young surgeons in the making. “The students’ psychomotor skills were on full display at the Pumpkin carve-off. I was particularly impressed with the life-like representation of various neuro-vascular catastrophes, facial asymmetries and assorted tumorous growths!”

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