By Wendy Sarubbi | January 9, 2012 1:03 pm

UCF College of Medicine faculty and staff members and students now have the opportunity to provide feedback on the college’s new open source website, thanks to a new “MedBugs” feature designed by Communications Senior Programmer Analyst Justin Sisley.

The bug tracking system is only available to internal College of Medicine users. It is available through a MedBugs link at the bottom of each page of the college’s website. The Communications Team wants to use this system to see how well College of Medicine users like the new website, how they are using it and to address any usage problems.

Traditional feedback systems require users to log-in and establish a password before they can give feedback. The new College of Medicine system is just a click away.

“When we designed the new website, we wanted it to be more accessible, more engaging and easier to navigate,” Justin said. “MedBugs is part of that new, open concept. We want to know what people think.”
Justin examined existing feedback systems but found they were either too complicated, too difficult to use or too superficial. So he created the College of Medicine’s own system that can be expanded to include external website users or be employed for providing feedback to other college systems, processes and programs.

“We wanted to take away any speed bumps in finding out how our internal customers feel about the new website,” Justin explained. “MedBugs gives people a chance to share their comments, their problems and their suggestions.”

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