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‘Local Heroes Saving Lives’

ORLANDO, May 28, 2010 — Many thanks to College of Medicine team members who donated during our recent blood drive. Florida’s Blood Centers (FBC) were able to register 19 donors and collect 19 units of blood.

Every unit of whole blood collected contains platelets, plasma and red blood cells that are separated and each used to treat individuals who need it. That means that our 19 donors were able to help 57 people through just one, five-hour blood drive. And because blood is usually transfused less than three days after it is drawn, the donations have almost an immediate impact on our community.

Several donors, like Sherri Hakemian, coordinator of administrative services in the Dean’s Office, said they participated because they want to be sure blood is available if they or their families ever need it in an emergency. It’s a practice that blood donors call “paying it forward.”

Kellie Tabor, administrative assistant for Planning and Knowledge Management, said she has been donating blood since she was 17 because members of her family, who are in the medical profession, have told her how important such donations are to patients in need. “I’m the biggest chicken when it comes to needles,” she said. “But the needle stick is only a pinch and that’s why I’ll continue to give blood.”

Jocelyn Clarke, coordinator of faculty recruitment in Human Resources, echoed Kellie’s sentiments. “It’s 20 minutes out of your life that could help save somebody else’s,” she said.

Philip Trees, donor development director for Florida’s Blood Centers said that FBC has now done three blood drives at the College of Medicine since January 2009 and the most recent drive “has been the most successful blood drive in terms of collections.” The Blood Centers’ motto is: “Local Heroes Saving Lives.”

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