By Wendy Sarubbi | April 15, 2013 3:19 pm

Second Look_3 The next generation of UCF College of Medicine students came together for the first time, to take a “Second Look,” at their potential medical school on April 12. Each of the 62 participants has been accepted into the class of 2017, and “Second Look” allows each to meet future classmates and professors, and get a feel for the college before they make their final decision on where to attend medical school. The day is filled with tours, curriculum and hospital experiences, as well as a little fun.

“The purpose of Second Look is to show students the quality of medical education that they would get here,” said Admissions and Registration Coordinator Wandy Cruz-Velasquez. “We want them to know what we have here is comparable to other schools, or even better.”

Anatomy professor Dr. Andrew Payer gave students a glimpse of the college’s interactive curriculum, which puts an emphasis on developing in students a “spirit of inquiry.” But in this class, the patient in question was not human, but was rather a sick puppy. Dr. Payer said dealing with a veterinary case puts each student on the same level. “Any time you put a bunch of intelligent people in a small room and make them feel like they have to ‘show what they know,’ it puts a little pressure on them,” he said. “By using a veterinary case where no one is an expert, they feel more comfortable, and will work harder as a group to figure out the problem.”

Second Look_2Prospective students also toured Nemours Children’s Hospital, the College of Medicine’s Medical City neighbor. Then they headed to Florida Hospital in downtown Orlando, where students will participate in their clerkships. The hospital tours were followed by a very special event for future physicians, the white coat fitting. Where students tried on the white coats they will wear for the next four years. Dinner at the Citrus Club in downtown Orlando offered students the chance to socialize with their future classmates and hear from Dr. Deborah German, vice president for medical affairs and dean of the College of Medicine.

Current first-year students also showed their support by putting together a newsletter for their future colleagues, filled with tips and advice about their upcoming inaugural year in medical school. From extracurricular activities to housing advice and choosing a medical specialty, the newsletter is filled with insider tips on all things UCF.

“I think ‘Second Look’ allows students walk away with a clearer feeling about our school and what it has to offer.” Dr. Payer said. “These are all smart kids, but different schools have different personalities. This is another chance for them to make that final decision if this is the place they want to come.”

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