By Wendy Sarubbi | June 8, 2012 7:07 pm

Teresa Martin-Carreras, a first-year student at the UCF College of Medicine, is a 2012 American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation Minority Scholars Award recipient, one of only 13 medical students nationwide to receive the honor.

Teresa will receive a $10,000 scholarship in recognition of her scholastic achievement and commitment to the elimination of health care disparities.

Teresa said witnessing her mother’s struggle with diabetes and multiple sclerosis exposed her to the  disparities and shortcomings of the health  care system, but also shed light on the humanistic side of medicine. That, she said, helped shape her desire to become a physician.

Teresa serves as a leader in MedPACt, a student group that focuses on increasing awareness of health care disparities while serving the underserved minority populations across the globe. She is MedPACt’s director of service, and is in charge of coordinating local service opportunities and international medical outreach trips. She recently participated in a UCF medical trip to the Dominican Republic.

The Minority Scholars Award promotes diversity in the medical profession. The award recognizes scholastic achievement, financial need and commitment to improving minority health among first or second-year medical students in historically underrepresented groups.

AMA Foundation President Owen Garrick, M.D. called the winners exceptional medical students. Their outstanding academic achievements as well as numerous activities illustrating leadership and service in their communities speak to their commitment to make a difference in the health of minority populations and the medical profession.”

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