By Wendy Sarubbi | November 10, 2016 4:48 pm


College of Medicine faculty and students were honored October 25 for what Dean Deborah German described as “excellence in the most important jobs we do as a medical school – teaching and learning.”

Faculty awards – for core and volunteer/affiliated faculty — were presented for outstanding achievement in all of the medical school’s missions – education, clinical, research and service. The majority of student awards are given at a graduation award ceremony days before students receive their M.D. degrees. The three student awards given recently were for those who had completed their first and second years of the curriculum.


Here are the winners:

Faculty Awards

Clinical Achievement — Dr. Shiva Kalidindi

Outstanding Faculty Member — Dr. Analia Castiglioni.

Innovative Teaching — Dr. David Harris (Pre-Clinical award), Dr. David Lebowitz, (Graduate Medical Education)

Early Career Educator — Dr. Nyla Dil

Research Achievement — Dr. Otto Phanstiel

COM Service — Dr. Mariana Dangiolo

Outstanding Undergraduate Educator — Dr. David Flory

Outstanding Graduate Educator — Dr. Ella Bossy-Wetzel

M1 Golden Apple — Dr. Christine Bellew

M2 Golden Apple — Dr. Jeffrey Greenwald, Dr. Judy Simms-Cendan

Clerkship Director Golden Apple — Dr. Martin Klapheke

Clerkship Educator Golden Apple — Dr. Faiyaaz Jhaveri

Resident Educator Golden Apple — Dr. Joseph Sujka

Golden Apple Practice of Medicine Preceptor — Dr. Sreeram Maddipatla, Dr. Uday Desai

Practice of Medicine Preceptor Excellence — Dr. Turi Maki, Dr. John O’Brien

Outstanding Contributions to the Practice of Medicine Module — Dr. Jennifer Thompson

Valuable Contributions to the Anatomy Lab — Dr. Renee Mueller, Dr. Lucy Ertenberg

Valuable Contributions to the FIRE Module — Dr. Paul Rosen, Dr. Hubert Swana

Valuable Contributions to the Clinical Skills Program — Dr. Robert Duggan, Dr. Andrew Heller

Clerkship Faculty Excellence in Teaching — Dr. Faiyaaz Jhaveri, Dr. Valerie Westhead, Dr. Steven Speiser, Dr. Margaret Yee, Dr. Robert Dabrow, Dr. Alfred Frontera, Dr. Sheila Ramos Martinez, Dr. Jay Ladde, Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand-Dukes, Dr. Mark Crider

Resident Excellence in Teaching — Dr. Joseph Sujka, Dr. Wael Sanker, Dr. Jordan Schneider, Dr. Nathan O’Brien, Dr. Donna Boucher

Richard B. Hornick M.D. Faculty Award — Dr. Myrtho Branch, Dr. Jeffrey Greenwald

Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Contributions to the M.D. Program — Dr. Heather Fagan

Dean’s Award – Dr. Steven Frick

Student Awards

Academic Excellence – Kyle Cox, Tyler Janz, Aaron Smith

Excellence in Clinical Skills — Erika Cohen, Edmund Hsu

Faculty Choice Award — Elizabeth Wellings

United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award — Antoinette Birs

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