By Wendy Sarubbi | November 2, 2015 4:10 pm

Outstanding College of Medicine faculty and students were recognized October 27 for their excellence in teaching, mentoring and learning.

In opening the Faculty and Student Awards Ceremony, Dr. Deborah German, vice president for medical affairs and dean, thanked core, volunteer and affiliated faculty, saying their role is foundational to training tomorrow’s health leaders. “Science and medicine are changing so quickly that today’s students must not only be taught the difficult subjects of microbiology, anatomy and physiology. They must also be taught to be lifelong learners, lifelong explorers and discoverers who never stop seeking information and new answers, treatments and solutions,” she said. “Faculty, that responsibility rests on your shoulders and it is a huge undertaking you have performed extremely well. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to training the next generation of healers.”

Honored faculty members included clinical, medical education and research faculty as well as community physicians who train M.D. students in their clinics during the first and second years of medical school and in third- and fourth-year clerkships.

Faculty Awards

  • Clinical Achievement Award – Dr. Shazia Beg
  • Outstanding Faculty Member Award – Dr. Adam Golden
  • Innovative Teaching Award – Dr. Dan Topping
  • Innovative Teaching Award – Dr. Robert Borgon
  • COM Service Award – Nadine Dexter
  • COM Service Award – Dr. Annette R. Khaled
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Educator Award – Dr. Robert Borgon
  • Outstanding Graduate Educator Award – Dr. Annette Khaled
  • M1 Golden Apple Award – Dr. Mollie Jewett
  • M1 Golden Apple Award – Dr. Jonathan Kibble
  • M2 Golden Apple Award – Dr. Manette Monroe
  • Clerkship Director Golden Apple Award – Dr. Colleen Moran-Bano
  • Clerkship Educator Golden Apple Award – Dr. Breehan Dean
  • Resident Educator Golden Apple Award -Dr. James Kotick
  • Golden Apple Practice of Medicine Preceptor Award – Dr. Miguel Acevedo-Segui
  • Golden Apple Practice of Medicine Preceptor Award- Dr. Brandon Carr
  • Golden Apple Practice of Medicine Preceptor Award- Dr. Joseph Savona
  • Richard B. Hornick M.D. Faculty Award – Dr. Jaime Carrizosa
  • Richard B. Hornick M.D. Faculty Award – Dr. Ken Goldberg
  • Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Contributions to the MD Program – Dr. Carole Coffee

Students were honored for academic and clinical excellence.

Student Awards

Academic Excellence

  • Mauricio Baca
  • Talayesa Buntinx-Krieg
  • Michael Chambers
  • Renee Domozych
  • Jeremy Driscoll
  • Sarah Hart
  • Eliezer Kinberg
  • Austin Moats
  • Jennifer Nergard
  • Austin Rohl
  • Richa Vijayvargiya
  • Madiha Yasin

Clinical Skills Award

  • Michael Chambers
  • Sarah Hart

Faculty Choice Award

  • Sarah Hart

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