By Wendy Sarubbi | January 20, 2017 4:55 pm

As they near the end of their medical school journey, eight seniors at the UCF College of Medicine are ecstatic after learning they matched early into highly competitive ophthalmology and urology residencies.

“This was my dream program since I started researching residencies,” said fourth-year medical student Molly Orban, who matched into the ophthalmology program at the Medical University of South Carolina.  “I had so many dreams about this day that when I got the call I actually thought to myself, wait- if I am dreaming, I am going to be so mad!”

“I don’t think it has kicked in yet,” said Jae Kim, who matched into his first choice for ophthalmology — the Kresge Eye Institute at Wayne State University in Michigan.

“Restoring vision is absolutely amazing and I am very grateful for this match,” said Kim, who last year won a statewide award for his invention of a computerized imaging process to help diagnose eye diseases earlier and more accurately.

Medical school graduates must complete a residency program in their chosen specialty before they are able to practice medicine. Depending on the specialty, residencies last three to seven years. In their final year of medical school, students apply for and interview with residency programs and then rank their choices. Residency programs do the same. A computerized service then matches top choices from both.

National Match Day is March 17 this year, when the majority of the nation’s medical students learn their residency match. But some specialties, including  urology, ophthalmology and military-based residencies announce matches early.

Urology and ophthalmology are considered two of the most competitive residencies. Nationwide, there were 620 applicants for ophthalmology residencies this year, and 446 medical students matched. Urology had 422 applicants with 317 matches.

“I am incredibly excited to train at a place that is top notch in both urologic patient care and resident surgical training,” said Arvind Krishnan who matched at the University of South Florida.

Dr. Marcy Verduin, associate dean of students, said she was thrilled about the students’ success in early matches.

“They continue to embrace the UCF motto by reaching for the stars in all they do,” Dr. Verduin said.  “I have no doubt that they will be excellent ambassadors across the nation for the UCF College of Medicine.”

The seniors will graduate with the rest of the Class of 2017 on May 19.

College of Medicine seniors who matched are:






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