By Wendy Sarubbi | January 25, 2016 4:57 pm

All four College of Medicine seniors who went through early residency match have placed in top programs across the country. While 2016 National Match Day is March 18, the specialties of ophthalmology and urology match early and are considered among the nation’s most competitive.

Seniors David Griffin, Amber Hoang and Matt Tadrus matched into ophthalmology, while Engy Mui matched into urology.

Griffin, second from left, will do his residency training at the University of Oklahoma’s Dean McGee Eye Institute. He came to UCF’s medical school with a passion for ophthalmology because of the impact the specialty has on patients’ lives – something he has seen first-hand as he has helped restore sight to people during clerkships. As a young medical student, he organized eye exams for participants at the annual Zora Neale Hurston festival in Eatonville. Griffin, who has done service work internationally with his church, said he is thrilled with his match because Oklahoma has organized programs for residents to provide eye care in places like Africa and China. “This will allow me to give back on the international stage,” he said.

Hoang, far right, matched at Wake Forest University. Tadrus, second from right, matched at Howard University.

Mui, far left, matched at the University of Cincinnati. She said she was drawn to urology because it gives her so many options for further specialization, including women’s and children’s conditions and robotic surgery. A Navy vet, she said she hopes to pursue a career as a military physician. “As a veteran, I really enjoy caring for veterans,” she said. “I get them and they get me. We relate to each other in a way only we can, Being a military doctor would allow me to give to those who have given so much.”

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