By Wendy Sarubbi | March 28, 2024 6:22 pm

Dr. Hung Nguyen, an immunology expert at the College of Medicine, is a 2024 UCF Reach for the Stars honoree, a recognition of his contributions to groundbreaking research and academia. The prestigious award for early-career faculty is second only to Pegasus Professor as UCF’s highest faculty honor. Awardees receive a $10,000 annual research grant for three years.

Dr. Nguyen’s research focuses on improving the body’s immunity system to combat diseases such as cancer and COVID-19.

Dr. Nguyen’s focus is T-cells — a special type of white blood cell that is crucial in aiding the immune system — and how they interact and combat diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and COVID-19. His accomplishments include developing successful therapies for patients with blood cancers and extensive research studying the severity of COVID-19 and infection rates.

“We attempt to generate novel immunotherapies for saving patients’ lives,” he says.

To learn more about Dr. Nguyen’s work and that of the other four UCF honorees, please visit

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