By Wendy Sarubbi | June 24, 2011 1:33 pm

The College of Medicine’s Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences held its sixth annual Graduate Research Symposium, which gave Master’s and Ph.D. students the opportunity to present their research in public as they would at national and international conferences.

“The symposium gives students an opportunity to show off their hard work,” said Dr. Mollie Jewett, an assistant professor at the Burnett school who helped organize the event. “For many, it’s the first time they’ve had to speak publicly about their research. It’s a big deal and I was very impressed with all of the presentations.”

Students presented research on a variety of topics, including cancer, cardiovascular disease malaria and age-related disease. Winners received scholarships thanks to sponsorships from the law firm of Alvarez, Sambol & Winthrop and from Drs. Alex Cole and Dinender Singla, Burnett school faculty members who have established awards in memory of family members.

Winners are:

1st prize (Alvarez, Sambol & Winthrop Award, $250 each)
Ph.D.: Melissa Wason (mentors: Cheryl Baker and James Turkson)
M.S.: Bracken Roberts (mentor: Debopam Chakrabarti)

2nd prize ($100 each)
Ph.D. (Everett W. Cole Jr. Memorial Award): Yue Zhou (mentor: Ella Bossy-Wetzel)
M.S. (Maya Singla Memorial Award): Hilda Merino Chavez (mentor: Dinender Singla)

3rd prize ($50 each)
Ph.D. (Everett W. Cole Jr. Memorial Award): Bhaswati Sengupta (mentor: James Turkson)
M.S. (Maya Singla Memorial Award): Ge Zhang (mentor: Annette Khaled)

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