By Wendy Sarubbi | November 10, 2020 12:26 pm

The College of Medicine recognized outstanding faculty, staff and students recently in a virtual 2020 Awards celebration meant to “thank you for keeping our medical school moving forward despite the challenges and for everything you do to teach our students, care for our patients and discover tomorrow’s medical treatments and cures” in the words of Dr. Deborah German, vice president for health affairs and dean.

In presenting the awards, college leaders recognized the innovation and dedication shown as individuals and teams navigated the new normal of teaching, learning and patient care during a global pandemic.

“It has been a strange year for us all during the time of COVID-19,” said Dr. Richard Peppler, vice dean and associate dean of faculty and academic affairs as he introduced awards for core and volunteer/affiliated faculty.

“Many of us have had to make major adjustments, relying on our faculty’s innovation and ability to think on their toes. Each faculty member, whether or not you are formally recognized this evening, has contributed immensely to both the making and the success of this college. Each of you approach your work with energy and enthusiasm and have made us one of the finest medical school programs in the country.”

Here are the honorees:

Faculty Awards

Innovative Teaching Award – Nyla Dil, Luciana Garbayo, Omar Qazi

Faculty COM Service Award – Stephen Berman

Community Service Award – Daniel Topping

Excellence in Medical Librarianship Award – Nadine Dexter

Outstanding Faculty Member Award – Veronica Sikka

Early Career Educator Award – Anuja Mehta, Omar Qazi

GME Clinical Teaching & Mentorship Award – Neha Bhanusali

Educational Leadership Award — Omar Qazi, Jose Rubero

Research Career Achievement Award – Dinender Singla

Golden Apple Award M1 – Christine Kauffman

Golden Apple Award M2 – Bernard Gros

Resident Educator Golden Apple Award M3 – Vanessa Lewis

Educator Golden Apple Award M3 – Kathleen Rooney-Otero

Clerkship Director Golden Apple Award – Martin Klapheke

Practice of Medicine Preceptor Golden Apple Award – Brandon Carr, David Cassidy,

Outstanding Undergraduate Educator Award –Alicia Hawthorne

Outstanding Graduate Educator Award – Annette Khaled

Richard B. Hornick M.D. Faculty Award – Howard Epstein

Dean’s Award – Michael Deichen

Contributions to the Anatomy Lab Award – John Dennison, Wilma Korevaar

Contributions to the FIRE Module Award – Lisgelia Santana-Rojas

Contributions to Clinical Skills Award – Sanjana Mathur

Contributions to Admissions Award – Cori Baill, Wilma Korevaar

Excellence in Teaching Award – Ashley Anderson, Christopher Bryant, Hassan Kanani, Johanna Kielbasa, Tashia Lelea, Vanessa Lewis, Michelle Nunes, Brian Pulford, Faysal Rifai, Rodrigues Rodriguez, Enrique Serrano, Enrique Vargas, Gabriel Williams

Preceptor Excellence Award – Christopher Cooper

Student Awards (for students completing their first two years of the curriculum)

Academic Excellence Award — Katie Ballantyne, John D’Angelo, Grace Johnson, Rebecca Joseph, Margaret Kennedy, Michael Orlando, Irina Tardif, Spencer Lessans, Tanner Harding, Evan Chen, Lindsey Owens

Excellence in Clinical Skills Award — Katherine Garcia, Katie Porter

Faculty Choice Award — Tabitha Eckert, Michael Fiorino

Distinguished Service Award — Spencer Adams

International Medical Service Award — David Gittess

Excellence in Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Medicine Award — Ricci Allen

Service and Humanity in Medicine Award — Vincent Cendan

Staff Awards

Medical Education USPS Employee of the Year — Christopher Orengo,

UCF Health USPS Employee of the Year — Rupal Mistry,

Overall USPS Employee of the Year — Christopher Orengo,

A&P Employee of the Year — Mary Harris,

Team of the Year — Health & Information Technology Team

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