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College of Medicine core and volunteer-affiliated faculty, staff and students were honored for excellence at the 2017 Awards Celebration on October 25.

As she opened the event, Dr. Deborah German, vice president for medical affairs and dean of the College of Medicine thanked the entire med school community. “Thank you for everything you do every day to teach our students, care for our patients, learn the art and science of medicine and research the diseases that plague humanity,” she said.

Dr. Richard Peppler, interim vice dean of the medical school, echoed those sentiments as he presented the faculty awards. “Our college and students are sincerely grateful for the work you do,” he said.  “Not only do you approach your work with energy and enthusiasm, you have made us one of the finest medical school programs in the country.”

Here are the award winners.












Student Awards

Academic Excellence Award

  • Jake Altier
  • Ambika Anand
  • Ahmed Ansari
  • Leah Beland
  • Mary Brown
  • Lauren Fragapane
  • Danielle Grossman
  • Catherine Tillman
  • Jeremy Tran

Excellence in Clinical Skills Award

  • Leah Beland
  • Allyson Brown

Faculty Choice Award

  • Colby Skinner

Distinguished Service Award

  • Jais Emmanuel
  • Priya Patel

International Medical Service Award

  • Garrett Stoltzfus

Service and Humanity in Medicine Award

  • Robert Le

Staff Awards

USPS Employee of the Year, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

  • Abbey Amo Snipes

A&P Employee of the Year

  • Soraya Smith

Team of the Year Award

GME Interdisciplinary Team:

  • Mary Beth Harris
  • Stephanie Rivera-Velazquez
  • Laura Patterson
  • Steve Omli
  • Gerald Cozier
  • Annya Baerga
  • Brittany Hoffman


Faculty Awards

  • Clinical Achievement Award Neha Bhanusali
  • Faculty Community Service Award David Simmons and David Weinstein.
  • Early Career Educator Award David Lebowitz
  • Excellence in Medical Librarianship Award Deedra Walton and Ms. Shalu Gillum
  • Innovative Teaching Award Denise Kay and Javier Rosario
  • Outstanding Undergraduate & Graduate Educator Awards Greg Weigel and Dr. Kai McKinstry
  • M1 Golden Apple Award Jonathan Kibble
  • M2 Golden Apple Award Bernard Gros
  • Clerkship Director Golden Apple Award Colleen Moran-Bano
  • Clerkship Educator Golden Apple Award Adam Levitt
  • Resident Educator Golden Apple Award Georg Wiese
  • Golden Apple Practice of Medicine Preceptor Award Zaki Elmaghraby, Caroline Molins
  • Practice of Medicine Preceptor Excellence Award Gary Lehman, Ariel Cole
  • Valuable Contributions to the Admissions Program Award D Michael Ziebelman, Todd Husty
  • Valuable Contributions to the Anatomy Lab Award John Kirkpatrick, Guillermo Sanabria
  • Valuable Contributions to the Clinical Skills Program Award Heather Fagan, Olivia Dileonardo
  • Valuable Contributions to the FIRE Module Award Adalberto Torres Jr., Rebecca Moroose
  • Clerkship Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Adam Levitt for Surgery Clerkship
  • Henry Boilini for Psychiatry Clerkship
  • Devin Singh for Psychiatry Clerkship
  • Carlos Dumois for Family Medicine Clerkship
  • Archana Watane for Pediatric Clerkship
  • Aunali Khaku for Neurology Clerkship
  • Richard Finkel for Neurology Clerkship
  • Eddie Andah for OB/Gyn Clerkship
  • Salvatore Silvestri for Emergency Medicine Clerkship
  • Resident Excellence in Teaching Awards
  • Georg Wiese from Surgery
  • Heather Griffith from Internal Medicine
  • Lyndsey van der Laan from Pediatrics
  • Mihail Stojanovski from Emergency Medicine
  • Shruti Agarwal from OB/Gyn
  • Carson Rodeffer from OB/Gyn

 Richard B. Hornick M.D. Faculty Award

  • Mark Crider
  • Milind Parikh

Dean’s Award

  • Joseph Portoghese
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