A Message From Dean German Ahead Of National Recovery Month

Released on 08.28.2019

On Wednesday, Dean German shared a message to the UCF community ahead of National Recovery Month, which takes place every September:


Colleagues –

Mental health and substance use disorders affect millions of us nationwide, and by seeking help, those who experience these challenges can embark on a new path toward improved health and overall wellness.

September is National Recovery Month and this year’s theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger,” carries an important message: We all play a role in recovery, whether or not we struggle personally with issues like depression, anxiety, alcohol, drug or nicotine abuse. All of us — as work colleagues, friends, family and healthcare providers — play a role in supporting each other to become physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger.

A number of resources are available at UCF to support those in recovery. Student Health Services offers unique resources to support students at https://studenthealth.ucf.edu/recovery/ . And we have added recovery information – including smoking cessation — on the Human Resources page for health and wellness resources at https://hr.ucf.edu/current-employees/benefits/health-wellness-resources/ .

In addition, we invite you to join us at the Veterans Academic Resource Center on Sept. 14 as we host a tailgate for the UCF football game against Stanford that will celebrate recovery. The event is co-hosted by the Veterans Student Organization and UCF Sober Knights as well as recovery organizations from our community. For details, please visit:  https://events.ucf.edu/event/1313576/sober-knights-tailgating-at-the-varc/

All of our UCF Health weekly email Health Tips in September will focus on recovery resources. Look for the first one on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Behavioral health is essential to overall wellness. UCF is committed to helping those affected by mental health challenges and substance use disorders by raising awareness of these conditions and the recovery resources that are available. Prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover. Please join me in being a voice for recovery. Let’s all stay well — together.  Deb


For more information, visit https://recoverymonth.gov/.

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