By | September 17, 2010 12:00 am

A ‘Hang in There’ Breakfast

Last week, the College of Medicine’s first-year students took their first major exam. And thanks to their charter class colleagues, the M1s had a post-exam breakfast waiting for them in the Student Lounge when they finished.

Second-year students brought in a “little something” breakfast that included coffee, fruit and donuts to help the new students understand that “We know the first test is a little stressful,” said Student Body President Keith Connolly.

Tired first-year M.D. students said were delighted by the surprise, reacting words like, “wow” and “awesome.”

“We know medical school is a big change,” said Keith. “And we want to provide all the guidance and help we can. We very much enjoy being there for the new students.”

To deal with the combination of test, coffee and sugar jitters, first- and second-year medical students held a de-stress football game on the Tavistock Green after the exam.

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