Service is one of the strategic mission areas at the UCF College of Medicine. Our faculty are encouraged to get involved with service endeavors when able, whether at the college, university, or community level. Service on national boards is also recognized and can make for a bolder CV, lead to awards and recognition, and affect promotion and tenure.

UCF & COM Committee Opportunities

Faculty Council Committees
  • Leadership Committee: The Leadership Committee of the FC shall be composed of the president, the vice-president, and the immediate past president of the FC. The Leadership Committee of the FC will represent faculty interests at Executive Faculty and Enterprise meetings.
  • Nominations Committee: Prepares a list of candidates for FC Vice President, elected members of Faculty Advocate Committee, and FC Representative Committee.
  • Faculty Advocate Committee (elected): The Faculty Advocate Committee shall receive, hear and make recommendations to individual faculty and to the faculty council leadership committee on unresolved issues from that faculty member.
  • Committee on Committees: Recommends candidates to fill vacancies on the policy and administrative committees of the College of Medicine.
  • Bylaws Committee: The Bylaws Committee shall annually review bylaws, consider proposed changes, and make recommendations regarding such changes to the Faculty Council.
  • Faculty Council Representative Committee (elected): The FC Representative Committee shall consider and formulate short-range and long-range goals of the FC and of the College of Medicine.

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Promotion & Tenure Committees
  • Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committees: There exists one committee for each department and separate committees for tenured/tenure track and non-tenured faculty).
  • College of Medicine Promotion and Tenure Committee: There is one committee for tenured/tenure track faculty and another for non-tenured faculty.
  • University Promotion and Tenure Committee: This committee meets for promotion and tenure of faculty at the university level.

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COM Administrative Committees
  • Council for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI): The mission of the Council for Diversity and Inclusion is to serve as a college-wide forum and recognized resource to support the efforts of the College of Medicine to realize the benefits of diversity and inclusion in medicine and the biomedical sciences. The Council develops, implements, and evaluates diversity initiatives that promote its mission.

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  • MD Program Curriculum Committee: The M.D. Program Curriculum Committee shall review, advise, and make policy recommendations on matters related to undergraduate medical education. This committee shall develop, review, assess, and make recommendations regarding the curriculum and educational goals of the M.D. program and shall develop standards for the evaluation of teaching in that program.

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  • MD Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC): The M.D. Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) oversees all residency programs sponsored by UCF. This committee shall establish and implement policies and procedures regarding the quality of graduate medical education and the work environment for all residents in all GME programs. This committee will have oversight of curriculum, evaluation, accreditation, and internal review processes.
  • MS Program Committee: Review of applications and recommendation of admissions, fellowships, and programmatic policies and procedures.
  • BSBS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: The Burnett School of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Education Committee shall review, advise, and make policy recommendations on matters related to B.S. undergraduate education. This committee shall develop, review, and make recommendations regarding new and revised B.S. undergraduate programs and courses, and shall develop standards for the assessment of all B.S. undergraduate programs in the college.
  • MD Admissions Committee: The Medical Student Admissions Committee shall review applications for admission to the M.D. program and shall identify a list of candidates and alternate candidates.

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  • Admissions Office Review Team for Applicants (AORTA): The AORTA shall review applications for interview consideration to the M.D. program. They identify a list of possible interview candidates by rank.

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  • Medical Student Evaluation & Promotions Committee (SEPC): The Medical Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee shall review the academic and clinical performance of each medical student and make recommendations to the Dean regarding graduation, advancement, probation, dismissal, remediation, leaves of absence, and readmission.

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  • Continuous Professional Development Committee: This committee evaluates and approves or denies CPD educational activities. The Committee also reviews presentations that may pose a potential conflict of interest. Committee members are appointed by the dean.

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  • College of Medicine Appointment Committee (COMAC): COMAC reviews faculty for appointment to the non-salaried core classification. Members are appointed by the Dean.  The committee consists of 5 faculty members:  BSBS (1), Medical Education (1), Clinical Sciences/Internal Medicine (3).

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University-Level Committees
  • Faculty Senate

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  • University Promotion & Tenure Committee
UCF Graduate School Committees

*These committees are not managed by the College of Medicine.

  • Ph.D. Program Graduate CommitteePh.D. Program Admissions and Recruitment Committee

    Ph.D. Program Curriculum Committee

    Ph.D. Program Graduate Exam Committee

    Ph.D. Program Student Affairs Committee

    Ph.D. Program Graduate Symposium Committee

Faculty Senate Committees
  • Faculty Senate Parking Advisory Committee
  • Graduate Appeals Committee
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee
  • Graduate Program Review and Awards Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Budget and Administrative Committee
  • Graduate Policy Committee
  • Undergraduate Course Review Committee
  • Academic Calendar Committee
  • Admissions and Standards Committee
  • Admissions and Standards Committee
  • Commencement, Convocation, and Recognitions Committee
  • Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee
  • Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee
  • Information Technology Resource Advisory Committee
  • Library Advisory Committee
  • Research Council
  • Strategic Planning Council
  • University Bookstore Advisory Committee
  • Undergraduate Common Program Oversight Committee
  • University Athletics Advisory Committee
  • University Honors Committee
  • University Master Planning Committee
  • University Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • University Travel Committee
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Ad Hoc Committees
  • Research Incentive Award Committee
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award Selection Committee
  • Teaching Incentive Program Selection Committee
  • COM Awards Review Committee

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Other Service Opportunities

  • Student Affairs Interviewers
  • Student Affairs Advising Academy
  • Specialty Advisors
  • FIRE Program

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