The Health Affairs Legal Department is available to assist employees who have questions or concerns regarding compliance with any laws or policies that affect their work.   Employees needing assistance can contact one of the Team Members listed or  

The College of Medicine is committed to complying with applicable federal, state and local laws when conducting its academic, clinical, research and business operations. Each employee is entrusted with carrying out all activities they undertake on behalf of the College in compliance with all applicable laws and in a manner that avoids even the appearance of impropriety and complying with the policies and procedures of the College, University, and State of Florida.  

Eliza Bardin COM Compliance Officer, 407-266-1303

UCF IntegrityLine, 1-855-877-6049 (toll free)

If you have a concern that applicable laws or University of Central Florida or College of Medicine policies may be violated, we encourage you to promptly report your concern either verbally or in writing as follows:

  • 407-266-1303 – COM Compliance Officer
  • 407-266-1305 – COM HIPAA Privacy Officer
  • 407-266-4941 – UCF Health Compliance Liaison
  • 1-855-877-6049 (toll free) – UCF IntegrityLine

The University of Central Florida’s policy on reporting misconduct and protection from retaliation is available at the UCF Policies website.