Our Graduate Faculty resides in our Research Divisions. To learn more about them, visit each division’s page:

Cancer Faculty

Cardiovascular Faculty

Immunity and Pathogenesis Faculty

Neuroscience Faculty

Molecular Microbiology Faculty

Affiliated Graduate Faculty

·        Kamal Pourmoghadam, MDArnold Palmer Hospital for Children
·         Laurence von Kalm, PhDBiology
·         Jack Ballantyne, PhDChemistry
·         Dmitry Kolpashchikov, PhDChemistry
·         Karin Chumbimuni-Torres, PhDChemistry
·         Yu Yuan, PhDChemistry
·         Suha Saleh, PhDCOHPA (College of Health & Public Affairs)
·         Shaojie Zhang, PhDComputer Science
·         Shibu Yooseph, PhDComputer Science
·          Robert Steward, PhDEngineering
·         Woo Hyoung Lee, PhDEngineering and Computer Science
·         Kaitlyn Crawford, PhDMaterials Science & Engineering
·          Hansen Mansy, PhDMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
·         James Hickman, PhDNanoscience
·         Qun (Treen) Huo, PhDNanoscience
·         Ellen Hyeran Kang, PhDNanoscience
·         Swadeshmukul Santra, PhDNanoscience
·         Kenneth Alexander, MDNemours Children’s Hospital
·         Tirrell Johnson, MDOrlando Health
·         William Decampli, MD, PhDOrlando Health
·         Xiufang Guo, PhDNanoscience
·         Bo Chen, PhDPhysics
·         Suren Tatulian, PhDPhysics
·          William Warren, PhDSanofi – VaxDesign
·         Jane Gibson, PhDUCF COM – Clinical Sciences
·         Shazia Bég, MDUCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Melanie Coathup, PhDUCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Robert Hines, PhDUCF COM – Population Health Sciences
·         Edward Ross, MDUCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Lindsay Taliaferro, PhDUCF COM – Population Health Sciences
·         Bradley Willenberg, PhDUCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Analia Castiglioni, PhDUCF COM – Medical Education
·         Stephen Lambert, PhDUCF COM – Medical Education
·         Otto Phanstiel, PhDUCF COM – Medical Education
·         Nyla Dil, PhDUCF COM – Medical Education