Our Graduate Faculty resides in our Research Divisions. To learn more about them, visit each division’s page. 

Cancer Faculty

Cardiovascular Faculty

Immunity and Pathogenesis Faculty

Neuroscience Faculty

Molecular Microbiology Faculty


Affiliated Graduate Faculty


·         Laurence von Kalm, Ph.D. Biology
·         Douglas Lewandowski, M.D. Burnham Institute
·         Ranjan Perera, Ph.D. Burnham Institute
·         Muthu Periasamy, Ph.D. Burnham Institute
·         Steven Smith, M.D. Burnham Institute
·         Jack Ballantyne, Ph.D. Chemistry
·         Eda Koculi, Ph.D. Chemistry
·         Dmitry Kolpashchikov, Ph.D. Chemistry
·         Stephen Florczyk, Ph.D. Engineering
·         Robert Steward, Ph.D. Engineering
·         Peter Potrebko, Ph.D. Florida Hospital
·         Robert Hines, Ph.D. UCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Edward Ross, M.D. UCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Lindsay Taliaferro, Ph.D. UCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Bradley Willenberg, Ph.D. UCF COM – Internal Medicine
·         Analia Castiglioni, Ph.D. UCF COM – Medical Education
·         Stephen Lambert, Ph.D. UCF COM – Medical Education
·         Otto Phanstiel, Ph.D. UCF COM – Medical Education
·         James Hickman, Ph.D. Nanoscience
·         Qun (treen) Huo, Ph.D. Nanoscience
·         Hyeran Kang, Ph.D. Nanoscience
·         Swadeshmukul Santra, Ph.D. Nanoscience
·         Kenneth Alexander, M.D. Nemours
·         Terri Finkel, M.D. Nemours
·         William Decampli, M.D., Ph.D. Orlando Health
·         Bo Chen, Ph.D. Physics
·         Suren Tatulian, Ph.D. Physics
·         Elizabeth Brisboi, Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering
·         Nyla Dil, Ph.D. Medical Education
·         Kaitlyn Crawford, Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering
·         Jane Gibson, Ph.D. Medical Education
·         Kamal Pourmoghadam, M.D. Arnold Palmer
·         Suha Saleh, Ph.D. COHPA
·         Shaojie Zhang, Ph.D. Computer Science
·         William Warren, Ph.D. Sanofi – VaxDesign