The Master’s of Science in Biotechnology program in the College of Medicine will prepare students to function in the industrial biotechnology environment. This program is designed to give students broad knowledge and training in the scientific and practical aspects of biotechnology.

It involved innovative, hands-on and multidisciplinary learning approaches to educate and train students in scientific aspects of biotechnology. The courses and research training required of all students in this program are designed to develop independent thinking, team work and communication skills, which are highly desirable in the biotechnology industry.

Students will be provided an industrial perspective and an understanding of product development at the same time as they are trained in the biotechnology techniques required for such development.


The Master’s of Science in Biotechnology program consists of a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of graduate courses offered by the College of Medicine that includes 21 credit hours minimum of required courses, at least two graduate seminar courses, three credit hours of restricted electives, and six credit hours of thesis research.

Total Credit Hours Required

30 credit hours minimum beyond the Bachelor’s Degree

Thesis Proposal

Students must successfully complete a thesis proposal defense no later than the end of the summer of the first year in the program. The oral thesis defense will consist of a 50 minute presentation of thesis work, a 10 minute free period for questions, and a one hour closed-door examination.

Comprehensive Examination

Students must pass an oral comprehensive examination to test understanding of basic concepts in this field no later than the end of the summer of the first year in the program.

Thesis Defense

An oral thesis defense is required for this program. A final thesis, which consists of a manuscript ready for submission to a journal, but prepared in a thesis format, is required before scheduling the thesis defense. Approval of the final thesis will require consent from the majority of the Thesis Advisory Committee.

Graduates are prepared for careers as:

  • Medical Researchers
  • Research Scientist
  • USDA Research Scientist
  • Forensic Technologist
  • Laboratory Technicians/ Medical Technicians
  • High School/ Community College Teachers
  • Biotechnology Industry jobs
  • Hospital/Clinical Technicians
  • Research Foundation Technologists

Application Requirements

  • General UCF graduate application requirements
  • One official transcript (in a sealed envelope) from each college/university attended
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A written statement of research experience, area of interest, and immediate and long-range goals
  • Resume
  • Minimum TOEFL score (if applicable)

Applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree in unrelated fields are expected to have the equivalent of 16 semester hours of credit in the biotechnology/biological sciences including a course in general microbiology, biochemistry of molecular biology or cell biology, plus one year of organic chemistry, one year of physics, basic university mathematics and statistics, and laboratory skills equivalent to the minimum required of our own undergraduates.


In the Master’s of Biotechnology Thesis track, students may receive financial assistance through fellowships, assistantships, tuition support, or loans. Financial awards are based on available funds and academic merit to highly qualified students.

  • Tuition fully covered
  • Stipend: $16,000–$20,000/year
  • Health Insurance covered

For more information, please visit the graduate catalog here

View the program handbook here