The UCF Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences has established agreements with a number of health care provider organizations and physician practitioners in the greater Orlando area to implement one-semester long clinical shadowing internship opportunities for UCF premedical students. We will register selected students for the one credit hour MCB 4941 internship course for the participating semester. The students’ service efforts and attendance record are evaluated at the end of the semester of service by the physicians they shadow or by pertinent administrators of the medical facility where their service took place. Students are also required to attend orientation and a midterm meeting and to complete a midterm report and final report.

To apply for one of these internships, please submit an online application using the link posted below and email supplemental materials detailed in the application to  If no link is posted, we are not yet accepting applications.  Applications should be available in May for Fall and in October for Spring.  For questions, please contact Dr. Alicia Hawthorne.

Spring 2024 Clinical Internship applications are now open!

The due date for Surgical Internships is October 31, 2023 at 11:59pm.

The due date for Private Practice, Dental, and Optometry is December 1 at 11:59pm.

*Note: availability is subject to change. If you wish to be considered for both Surgical and Private Practice, please submit both applications 

The application consists of 2 parts:  

  1. Online spring 2024 applications (fill out both if interested in both programs):
  2. Email attachment to  

The following items are required to be emailed to Please put all items in a single attachment.  We prefer pdf but will also accept Word documents.  Do not send a Google docs document. Your application is not considered complete until you submit this application AND we receive these items via email.  

1. Grades: A record of your grades. The “Course History” section from your myKnight’s Degree Audit is preferred; however, an unofficial transcript is acceptable.  Highlight courses from your major and any other hard science courses you have taken. List the expected grades for courses in which you are currently enrolled.   

2. Involvement: A CV or resume, including experiences, shadowing, research, clubs, leadership positions, etc., including locations and total hours, if relevant, for each.   

3. Schedule: Your course schedule (“weekly view”) for the desired internship semester. Note/explain any classes with flexible days/times during the internship semester.  

4. Picture: A head shot of yourself looking professional, similar to a passport photo.  

5. Letter of Recommendation: Applicants who are not Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences majors must include a letter of recommendation from a UCF professor. The letter should be emailed as an attachment directly from the professor to with the student’s name in the subject. The letter must be emailed to by the spring 2024 deadline: 11:59 pm Oct 31 for surgical, 11:59 pm Dec 1 for private practice, optometry, or dental. If you are a major in the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, skip this step; do not send in a letter of recommendation.  

Please contact Dr. Alicia Hawthorne at with questions.  

Check back in the spring for Fall 2024 applications.