Mentorship and community.Students meet with the Director and Postdoctoral Fellow during office hours. Peer Mentoring. Senior Scholars & Graduate Fellows will provide informal peer mentoring to incoming Scholars. Scholars will meet with the Graduate Fellows to discuss ideas encountered in their coursework, research and internships. Receptions and symposium. Twice a year (Fall and Spring semesters) we will hold a reception/symposium where the students meet each other, and we highlight some of the accomplishments of our scholars. Awards for Leadership and Innovation are typically bestowed during these events. Furthermore, scientists from other institutions come to UCF to give seminars and meet with the scholars

Career development research. We connect our students with laboratories both on-campus and off-campus. Study groups. Every semester we organize study groups that are supervised by the Postdoctoral and Graduate Fellows. Forum for excellence. Every semester we organize workshops for the students (e.g. How to make the most of your time in college, how to give a presentation, how to apply for graduate school). “Synergy Science Forums”.Every year we will organize a session where we invite a Professor to share her/his experiences as a scientist.