Metabolic and Cardiovascular

The Metabolic and Cardiovascular Research Division focuses on understanding the pathogenesis, molecular mechanisms and cell signaling of metabolic and heart diseases. Ultimately, we seek to bring translational research into the clinical environment to serve our community, working from bench to bedside.

Faculty members have made significant contributions in the fields of myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, lipid metabolism and lipoproteins, diabetes, inflammation in atherosclerosis, aging, mitochondrial roles in disease pathogenesis, energy metabolism, oxidative stress, stem cells, and genetic disease models in aging.

We are employing cutting-edge technologies such as single-cell sequencing, genetically-engineered human cell and mouse models and 3D/4D bio-printing to investigate underlying causes of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

One of our primary goals is to develop and use these investigative strategies to uncover novel new therapies and preventative measures that will ultimately lead to reduced morbidity and mortality as well as improved quality of life for patients suffering from metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

Major Areas of Research

  • Metabolic Syndrome in Diabetes and Aging
  • Interactions of lipids and lipoproteins in Atherosclerosis
  • Inflammation in Cardiac Diseases
  • Vascular and Angiogenesis in Cardiac Diseases
  • Biological Energy metabolism
  • Oxidative Stress, Free Radical and Reactive oxygen species
  • Mitochondrial Alterations
  • Pathophysiology of Cardiac Diseases
  • Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
  • Regenerative Medicine (Stem cells) in Heart Diseases
  • Cardiac Genetic and Non-Genetic Disease Modeling using 3D Printing
  • Tissue Engineering and Drug Toxicity with 3D Printed Scaffolds
  • Cognitive Function and Heart Failure
  • Peripheral Arterial Diseases
  • Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Public Health

Division Faculty

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Dr. Steven Ebert Associate Professor, Division of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Sciences (D-MACS)
Dr. Manish Gupta Assistant Professor
Dr. Dinender Singla Professor of Medicine, & Cardiovascular Division Leader, Florida Hospital Chair in Cardiovascular Science,