Internship Program Selection Criteria


  1. Applicants must be current UCF full-time students, having at least 24 units of academic credit of prior enrollment at this institution. Transfer students must have at least 12 hours of academic credit.
  2. Applicants need to ensure that time conflicts between their academic and internship schedules will not occur at any time.  An open schedule with one or more ~5 hour blocks is preferable.  Students with busy schedules and multiple classes everyday can be difficult to match with doctors.
  3. Applicants must have access to appropriate means of transportation to and from the internship sites.  Students willing to commute away from the UCF area are preferred, as it helps when matching with doctors.
  4. Applicants need to have met the required GPA for a given program at the time of application.  Slight deviations from this requirement will be discussed by the committee.


Priority consideration for applicant selection is as follows (highest priority first):

  • Students beginning their “Application Year” (typically in your Junior year), with limited prior exposure to clinical medicine or research.
  • Fall semester Seniors with limited prior exposure to medicine/research, who are already in the application process.
  • Sophomores and graduating Seniors.
  • Freshman students are discouraged from applying, in order to concentrate on developing their academic foundation.
  • Applicants with extensive experience in clinical medicine and research have the lowest priority. Exception:  if the level of experience applies only to one or the other above, the student may apply to the remaining appropriate programs, with the same corresponding degree of priority consideration as above.  For example, a student who has already shadowed physicians or participated in the Private Practice Clinical Internship would still be eligible for the Surgical or Clinical Research Internships.