Researchers in the Division of Cancer Research are on the vanguard of cancer biology, investigating:

  • How patients’ genes play a role in their cancer risk.
  • What causes cancer and cancer metastasis.
  • How cancer cells communicate with the neighboring normal cells.
  • The epigenetic changes that play a role in developing drug resistance.
  • Discovering new ways to harness the immune system to fight cancer.
  • Identifying new targets for companion diagnostics with treatments that reduce side effects

Our collaborative approach harnesses expertise in cutting edge sciences to bring us closer to finding a cure for cancers that cause human mortality — like the metastatic forms of breast and prostate cancer — and the rapidly progressing types of pancreatic, lung, ovarian and head and neck cancers.

Cancer Division Faculty

Dr. Jihe Zhao PhD Program Coordinator & Associate Professor
LOCATION:BBS 303 (Lab) / BBS 316 (Office)

Cancer Affiliated Faculty

Priya Vishnubhotla, M.D.
Chief of Oncology, Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Otto Phanstiel IV, Ph.D.
Professor of Medical Education, College of Medicine UCF