Bachelor’s of Science in Biotechnology

The Burnett School offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Biotechnology. The overall goal of this academic program is to produce highly trained workers that will meet the workforce needs of the burgeoning biotechnology industry in Florida, the nation, and the world.

Degree Overview

  • The Biotechnology undergraduate degree prepares students to function in the industrial biotechnology sector, providing them with more “hands on” laboratory experience and opportunities for research.
  • One of the highlights of this program is that faculty and students contribute, through their research, to the areas of infectious disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neuroscience. The biotechnology industry is supporting research that aims to prevent or treat diseases in each of these areas.
  • Students are also provided with an industrial perspective and an understanding of product development at the same time as they are trained in molecular techniques required for such development.
  • The interdisciplinary nature of this program leads to collaborations, research partnerships and student internships, each of which will enhance the education of students graduating from this program.
  • The research and educational experience of students in the areas of biophotonics, nanomedicine, bioinformatics, and structural biology are facilitated by collaborations with strong technology initiatives at UCF, such as the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL), the Nanoscience Technology Center (NSTC), the Institute for Simulation and Training (IST), and the Physics and Chemistry Departments.
  • With new biotechnology companies based in Florida, such as Scripps, Sanofi Pasteur VAXDesign, the Bachelor’s in Biotechnology will help meet the increasing statewide workforce needs.
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Contact Information

Undergraduate Program

Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

HPA II 335


Program Coordinator

Kyle Riding

Associate Professor



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