The Systems Engineering team is responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining the interactive and collaborative technologies found throughout the College of Medicine’s three missions: research, patient care, and health education. The UCF College of Medicine maintains a commitment to ensuring that students, researchers, and clinicians have access to the latest techniques in each of their respective areas. Providing the technology to support the College’s mission to being a 21st century institution is paramount to maintaining the standards set by the UCF and College of Medicine leadership in all three missions.

From video conferencing to public address systems and interactive white boards, Systems Engineering maintains a staff of dedicated professionals holding international accredited certifications  from AVIXIA. Each member of the team has years of experience and is provided with continuing education from AVIXIA as well as our industry partners to ensure that industry standards are being maintained and the latest technologies and ideas are considered when planning and deploying the technology solutions throughout the missions. 

In addition to building and maintaining the technology, Systems Engineering also provides direct customer support and training for all members of the College of Medicine. From faculty to clinicians as well as staff and students the [insert the current name here] staff maintains close working relationships with all missions to ensure that the technology solutions are being utilized to their fullest and to ensure that the specific needs are being met.