The Health Information Management Unit is comprised of Clinical Systems Analysts who specialize in Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR) systems management, clinical workflows, healthcare community interoperability, as well as medical device integrations. Their unique expertise allows the clinical enterprise to be nimble in adopting innovative practices and technologies to enhance patient care delivery, staying abreast of healthcare best practices, standards, and technologies; their service activities are critical to the efficiency and accuracy of our healthcare environment.  

Clinical Systems Analysts, along with HealthIT leadership currently serve as UCF’s resident application experts on the adopted EHR platform and specialty electronic medical record. This expertise provides a high level of assurance that the critical Software as a Service (SaaS) EHR platforms operates optimally, is interconnected with strategic industry and healthcare partners, and meets the technical and business needs of the clinical practice.  

This team is also thoroughly versed in project and change management activities; ensuring high-quality deliverables when implementing new records management systems, upgrades, features, and interfaces with hospital systems, imaging centers, and laboratories. Through collaborative efforts, clinical stakeholders can leverage technology to improve quality of care to our patients and instill greater confidence in the tools providers utilize in the practical, allowing them to focus on patient care and satisfaction.