Interactive Healthcare & Collaboration Technology is responsible for the design, installation, programming, support, and coordination for telehealth, video conferencing, presentation and collaboration tools used within all areas of patient care, research, and education.  This division is also responsible for digital signage, media recording/broadcast, and the technical coordination and facilitation of conferences, symposiums, and ceremonial events across the college. 

The College of Medicine has invested in a variety of advanced technically innovative multimedia rooms throughout each of the facilities for instruction, video conferencing, private meetings, and collaboration. Room capacities range from 6-300; all providing interactive high-definition multimedia, supporting digital annotation, laser projection, lecture recording, streaming, wireless presentation, high-definition input, wireless audience microphones, high-density wireless data, and integrated video interaction capabilities. Notably, our Team Learning Lab is capable of holding 130 students at 21 tables who can fully interact between tables and the room using a variety of audio and video solutions.

This division regularly seeks new innovative opportunities to enhance education delivery for the students and faculty. Cutting edge technologies are creatively implemented to support these efforts, such as the technology enhanced Anatomy Lab with 3 state of the art surgical camera systems that can be shared to all 23 cadaver stations on medical grade 4K touchscreen monitors, and 60” perimeter displays. Each cadaver station can also display high-resolution scans taken of each individual donor assigned to a group. The unit also supports an Anatomage Table, in the anatomy lab, which is a 3D virtual cadaver table, enabling digital virtual dissection of cadavers through high definition layered digital imaging.