The Health and Information Technology Department will be recognized as a center of excellence.  Through delivery of service and leveraging innovative technology, HealthIT will advance the College’s vision to be a Premier 21st century College of Medicine.

  • We will strengthen our workforce by continually investing in staff to renew and expand skills.
  • We will be an active and collaborative academic health partner to connect people with information through technology.
  • We will offer a scalable, integrated and technology-rich environment that enriches education, research, healthcare, and community.


The Health and Information Technology Department embraces a strong, customer-centric philosophy in delivering services.  Through collaboration, we provide a robust, secure infrastructure and leverage technical tools to enable mission attainment.

Core Values

  • Lead by example – to guide and inspire others through one’s actions
  • Professionalism – to act with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence
  • Integrity – to be honest, ethical, and consistent in our actions
  • Accountability – to accept responsibility for our actions
  • Reliability – to act consistently in all that we do 
  • Collaboration – to work together regardless of organizational boundaries
  • Communication – to listen, inform, and engage
  • Transparency – to share information openly
  • Reverence – to treat each person with respect and dignity and value their being
  • Resilience – to recover quickly within a dynamic environment