The Lake Nona Core Facility of UCF Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences provides state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical support and education to the Lake Nona research community and beyond. These services are key for researchers to advance scientific discoveries which are impactful on medical breakthroughs.

In addition to the advanced instrumentation, excellent staff are integral to the success of utilizing the instruments to acquire research data. The team of Alicja Copik, PhD and Jeremiah Oyer is a valuable extension of each of the labs and researchers at Lake Nona. Dr. Copik administers the user training, usage, maintenance, and provides consultations on experiment design and analysis. Mr. Oyer conducts hands on training sessions for new users of these instruments and certifies them to be independent users. Mr. Oyer also performs all of the fluorescent cell sorting for users on BD FACS Aria cell sorter.

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