If you experience illness after your international medical experience, it is recommended you visit the UCF Student Health Services Travel Clinic. More information is at the link below:


You may also contact Dr. Carmelo Licitra (Carmelo.Licitra@orlandohealth.com), Director of the Orlando GeoSentinel site, an international CDC-funded surveillance network that studies International travel related illnesses.

If you believe you experienced a travel-related illness during or after your trip, the information needed is as follows:

  1. Age/Gender
  2. Country of birth. If you were born outside of the US, please indicate when you emigrated to the US.
  3. Have you visited other countries prior to Peru and when?
  4. Symptoms
  5. Approximate date when symptoms started.
  6. Diagnosis (This can be a general syndromic diagnosis such as  diarrhea or a specific, probable or confirmed diagnosis.
  7. Did you see a travel medicine provider prior to the trip ?
  8. Travel related Immunizations ( Hep A, Typhoid,etc.)