The University of Central Florida College of Medicine’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Mission is to change our learners’ competence, performance or patient outcomes. In order for the CPD Program to achieve its mission, 70% of the activity respondents will have indicated changes in competence, performance or patient outcomes on the evaluations and outcome surveys as a result of their participation in CPD educational activities. CPD will accomplish the expected results by developing and implementing a broad range of educational activities designed to convey up-to-date clinical practices and faculty development.

Integral to our mission, is the ongoing Program evaluation and analysis to assess the efficacy of the Program’s activities in attaining the intended changes in our learners, the extent to which our mission is being met, and the identification of needed or desired changes in the overall Program to improve our ability to meet the mission. Lastly, we will support the mission of the University of Central Florida College of Medicine by inspiring individuals to be exemplary physicians and scientists, leaders in medicine, scholars in discovery, and adopters of innovative technology to improve the health and well-being of all. The patient-centered mission is achieved by outstanding medical care and services, groundbreaking research, and leading edge medical and biomedical education in an environment enriched by diversity.