UCF MedPACt is proud to present the 8th annual Global Health Conference: “Healthcare: Location and Innovation”.

Medical devices are defined as “health technologies that are not medicines, vaccines, or clinical procedures” but are essential for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, according to the World Health Organization. Yet, many developing countries all over the world still struggle with obtaining access to these technologies. Not only must these technologies be accessible, but they must also be safe, operable, and maintainable by the local populations in order to be sustainable. To achieve better health globally, the medical needs and building capacity of a country must be assessed and cost-effective innovation should be promoted. This conference will focus on addressing the challenges faced by global populations due to the lack of technology, as well as the role of the medical professional in implementing innovative medical technology to provide optimal care on a global scale.

This year’s keynote speaker is Tania Douglas, the director for the Medical Imaging Research Unit at the University of Cape Town with expertise in medical imaging, fetal alcohol syndrome, and health innovation. She is also the South African Research Chair Initiative Chair in Biomedical Engineering & Innovation, has been named a 2018 Quartz Africa Innovator, and has performed a TED Talk discussing some of the unique issues that many African countries are facing when it comes to the use and upkeep of medical technology.

Keynote Speech: “Innovation for global health”: Health innovation encompasses the conception, development and implementation of technologies, products and services, with the purpose of enhancing access to and quality of healthcare as well as improving wellness of individuals and populations. The notion of innovation in the context of global health will be interrogated. The challenges and potential of health innovation for poorly resourced and underserved populations will be explored. Some global health innovation activities in Africa will be highlighted, as will capacity building initiatives for health technology innovation.

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