Our Lab

The Moore lab is a member of the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences within the UCF College of Medicine.

UCF is one of the largest undergraduate universities in the US and the Burnett School educates thousands of undergraduates each year in Biomedical Science, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Biotechnology.

Our lab works closely with other labs specializing in bacterial physiology and infectious diseases and also researchers in the nearby departments of Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Optics and Photonics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.




We are located on the main UCF campus in Room 336A of the Biomolecular Sciences annex of the Biology building (Building 20). We are between the Harris Engineering Building, the Physical Sciences building, and the College of Business Administration.

Access to the lab is restricted and all visitors have to be admitted through the locked doors to the left of the elevators. There is a telephone in the hallway to the right of the elevators that has the lab number listed.