Manish Kumar Gupta PhD

Education and Training

  • Instructor: Center for Translational Medicine, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • Ph.D: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow, India
  • MSc: The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India

Olena Kondrachuk

Biomedical Science PhD Candidate

August 2021- Present

Hobby: Reading books, cycling, jogging, traveling.

Research Interests: Understanding the molecular mechanisms associated with the HIV induced cardiomyopathy. Specifically, studying role of HIV protein Nef in regulation of cellular protein quality control and senescence.

Gbenga Ogundipe (Alex)

Biomedical Science PhD student

December 2023- Present

Hobby: I indulge in hobbies such as watching football matches and immersing myself in historical movies.

Research Interests: I am dedicated to the exploration of distinctive early diagnostic markers that signify an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases among individuals living with HIV. The goal is to contribute to the development of effective preventive measures and personalized healthcare strategies tailored to this specific population.

Nicole Ford

Biotechnology Master Thesis student

October 2023- Present

Hobby: I enjoy reading books, exploring new destinations, and watching F1 in leisure time.

Research Interests: My research is dedicated to unraveling the signaling pathways implicated in cardiovascular diseases, with a specific emphasis on identifying effective strategies to mitigate their impact. By delving into the molecular intricacies of these pathways, I seek to contribute to the development of innovative approaches for attenuating the deleterious effects associated with cardiovascular conditions.

Ethan Lopez-Nowak

Biotechnology Master Thesis student

October 2023- Present

Hobby: Hiking, Baking, Travelling.

Research Interests: My academic focus revolves around aging, cardiovascular diseases, and bioinformatics. I’m driven to contribute insights and advancements in these fields for the betterment of health and medicine.

Yuka Kimura

Yuka Kimura

College of Health Professions and Sciences- Health Science B.S track

August 2022- Present

Hobby: Watching K-drama, K-Pop concerts

Research Interests: My primary research interest centers around addressing and overcoming gender bias in cardiovascular research, particularly through the utilization of mouse models. I am committed to investigating how gender-specific differences influence cardiovascular outcomes and how these differences can be better incorporated into experimental designs. By developing more inclusive approaches, I aim to enhance the reliability and applicability of cardiovascular research findings across diverse populations. Through this work, I seek to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of cardiovascular health and advance gender-sensitive strategies in the field.

Nishit Tailor

Burnet School of Biomedical Sciences- B.S. Track

July 2023- Present

Hobby: I find joy in listening to retro Bollywood music, dancing to Garba, and cooking.

Research Interests: My focus lies in leveraging CRISPR technology to explore innovative approaches for addressing cardiovascular diseases and HIV, with the goal of advancing precision medicine and therapeutic interventions in these critical health domains.

Aishwarya Rajakumar

Burnet School of Biomedical Sciences- B.S. Track

June 2021- Present

Hobby: Petting bird, picking strawberries, traveling.

Research Interests: My research interests are focused on the determination of proteome-wide post-translational modifications, specifically lysine acetylation, in ischemic cardiac cells. I aim to unravel the intricate molecular changes associated with ischemia and understand how these modifications contribute to cardiac pathology, with the goal of identifying potential therapeutic targets for cardiovascular diseases.

Sumaya Yusuf

College of Sciences- Biology track B.S.

April 2023 – Present

Hobby: Reading and writing with a passion for exploring new places.

Research Interests: Focus on identifying solutions to address the challenges posed by HIV and chronic heart disease. My research goal is to contribute practical advancements that enhance the management and treatment of these complex health issues.

Aya Alkousa

Burnet School of Biomedical Sciences- B.S. Track

August 2023- Present

Hobby: I enjoy staying active with hobbies like swimming and badminton.

Research Interests: Targeting membrane receptors for the development of new drugs against metabolic disease.

Rithvik Rajakumar

Burnet School of Biomedical Sciences- B.S. Track

August 2023- Present

Hobby: Playing video games, studying.

Research Interests: Exploring natural products to find new treatment for cardiovascular disease.

Kim Hong

Graduated from UCF

January 2023 – Present

Hobby: Traveling, reading books, exploring new restaurants, driving with no thoughts just vibe.

Research Interests: Studying cardiovascular health changes associated with HIV using mouse model.

Jorgo Zi

Graduated from UCF

August 2023 – Present

Hobby: Playing volleyball, basketball.

Research Interests: Studying bioenergetic changes associated with the complex disease like obesity using mouse models.

Maria Blanco

January 2024 – Present

Hobby: Playing soccer, coloring, puzzling, listening to music.

Research Interests: My research aims to explore mice growth patterns and body composition changes associated with complex diseases like obesity, aging, and other metabolic diseases. I use dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) and Time Domain Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) for body composition analysis.

Raj Patel

FIU medical student – 2024

2021 – present

Hobby: Playing basketball, volleyball.

Research Interests: My research interest concerns about antiretroviral drugs effects in regard to cardiovascular health.

Avni Mukker

Deepti Gupta

Maryam Rabbani

Vraj Amin

Sameep Gawaskar

Isabela de Lima

Puneet Kaur Randhawa

Pierce Ciccone

Nikhil Patel

Shiridhar Kashyap