The Central Florida Brain Bee (CFBB) is one of 200 Chapters under the Regional USA Brain Bee and International Brain Bee competition. The CFBB was established in 2015 by Joseph Bello in order to bring interest in neuroscience to high school students ages 13-19. Students compete with their knowledge of neuroscience in areas such as sensations, intelligence, emotions, movement, and consciousness, and brain dysfunctions such as Alzheimer’s, autism, and addictions, as well as research techniques and medical technology.  

Spring 2019 Competitors, Coordinators, and Supporting Faculty 

The new coordinator, Ernesto Navarro, has made it so the Central Florida Brain Bee Chapter is unique compared to other chapters; it is ran by undergraduate and graduate students at UCF rather than the professors. The Neuroscience Alliance Organization on campus organizes weekly or biweekly visits by student volunteers to 15+ high schools in the Central Florida area to teach material to students. For schools unable to have students visit there are YouTube videos  prepared by our students on the topics tested on by the Brain Bee. This allows more students to participate in the CFBB and gives opportunities to undergraduates to gain experience teaching material as well. 

The CFBB had 10 schools and over 6 students participate in Spring 2019 and the winner was sent to the National Championship at Penn State College of Medicine. This year the CFBB plans on having 15 participating schools and is continuously adding participants. This year the winner of the CFBB in Spring 2020 will be sent to the 2020 USA Brain Bee Championship from March 27 to 29, 2020 on the campus of the Northeast Ohio Medical School. 

More Information about the National Competition Can be found here 

February 2019 Brain Bee