2020-2021 Executive Board


Joshua Salzman
Class of 2023

Josh has been involved with the arts since high school. Josh is a singer with a Certificate in Music in Medicine and several experiences in the field of Arts in Medicine including: Parkinson’s disease singing, chemotherapy visual arts, and pediatric singing/visual arts. He is very excited to serve as the AIM 2020-2021 President!

Vice President

Sankalp Goberdhan
Class of 2023

Sankalp Goberdhan was raised in a musical family. He practices and performs Indian classical music, specializing in tabla while dabbling in other forms of expression like vocals and sarangi. Sankalp plays music because he loves it, wants to keep the art form alive, and contribute to the field in the future.


Elliott Cheung
Class of 2023

Elliott Cheung’s interest in food, cooking, and their influence on culture began at a very young age. Since then, he has taught classes for undergraduates, judged several cooking competitions at UCLA, and even finished a brief professional course at the New School of Cooking in Culver City. Cooking has now become both a form of expression and outlet for stress. In addition to all this, he also enjoys fruit/pumpkin carving and electronic music.


Alexandra Ciranna Truong
Class of 2023

Alexandra has been involved with the arts since getting involved with photography in high school.  She also loves to cook and bake, and recently been exploring drawing and painting.  She loves how art connects people of all ages and backgrounds and has a great appreciation for visual arts, literature, music, and performing arts.

Creative Director

Cathryn Yang
Class of 2023

Cathryn loves to appreciate visual art, film, literature, and music. She likes to sketch and paint using ink, gouache, oil, and acrylics. She also loves cooking and learning how to make new dishes. Cathryn enjoys these activities as a way to relax, reflect, and share something with others

Visual Arts Chair

Lake Lindo
Class of 2023

As someone who uses visual art to express himself, Lake considers it a great medium through which one can share his or her life story and connect with others who share similar experiences. When working as a physician in the near future, Lake hopes to find ways to incorporate my passion for art into my medical practice.

Literary Arts Chair

Krisandra Hardy
Class of 2023

Krisandra has always had a passion for all forms of art (paint, crochet, piano, ukulele, acting) – her favorite, though, will always be writing. Writing was her only outlet through her numerous Naval deployments, and she believes strongly in art’s intrinsic medical benefits for mental and emotional health.

Performing Arts Co-Chair

Lily Chen
Class of 2023

Lily Chen enjoys music, costume production, and painting. Although classically trained on the violin, she currently has fun playing tango and pop arrangements. Her costume creations involve a combination of 3D printing, painting, sewing, and engineering. Lily also paints with acrylics and digitally on the iPad.

Performing Arts Co-Chair

Jordan Nelson
Class of 2023

Jordan has been involved with music since he began playing piano at age 8. At 12 he began playing the drums and at 16 started DJing as a hobby, which eventually became a full-time business that lead to over 300 performances across 10 years. At home, he loves collecting and listening to records from every genre and era imaginable as a way to relax and manage the stress from medical school through his love of music.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Cendan white coat

Dr. Juan Cendán
Assistant Dean, Simulation, Medical Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center and Associate Professor of Surgery

Dr. Cendán has had a long-term interest in music appreciation and performance. Dr. Cendán plays a wide range of the guitar repertoire with a particular interest in the European and South American classical guitar tradition. He uses guitar practice and performance as a way to channel his energy from work and patient care to a more personal space.