Photo by Austin Kennedy, Literary Arts Chair 2018-2019.

2018-2019 Executive Board

Christina Seto
Class of 2021

Vice President
Kylee Crate
Class of 2021

Creative Director
Alexandria Waler
Class of 2021

Literary Arts Chair
Austin Kennedy
Class of 2021

Performing Arts Chair
Ethan Hartman
Class of 2021

Social Media Chair & Treasurer
Cherry Liu
Class of 2021

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Cendan white coat

Dr. Juan Cendán
Assistant Dean, Simulation, Medical Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center and Associate Professor of Surgery

Dr. Cendán has had a long-term interest in music appreciation and performance. Dr. Cendán plays a wide range of the guitar repertoire with a particular interest in the European and South American classical guitar tradition. He uses guitar practice and performance as a way to channel his energy from work and patient care to a more personal space.