All 3rd year clerkships must be successfully completed before starting the 4th year!

Goals of the M4 Year

⇒  Confirming your specialty choice

⇒  Increasing experience/responsibility for clinical care

⇒  Securing excellent letters of recommendation

⇒  Rounding out your medical education


4th Year Requirements

♦  Required courses taken at home:

º 1 Acting Internship – Any Core (4 weeks)

♦  Five required electives (up to 4 away)

º No more than 3 electives in any one discipline

º No more than 2 blocks (Research Electives)

º Additional AI’s can be taken as electives

♦  Total = 11 – 4 week blocks

♦  Broad education (not a “mini” intern year)


Example of a Reasonable 4th Year Schedule

♦  June-July: Career choice rotations (helps to finalize career choice)

♦  July-September: Preparatory rotations (obtain skills to get you ready for upcoming

     rotations in specialty area – request LORs)

♦  July-November: Away rotations at institution/s of interest for residency

♦  October-January: Interviews

♦  January-April: Finish up remaining curriculum requirements; do an ‘exotic’ rotation

♦  March: Plan to be in town for Match


Tips to Keep in Mind

♦  Use “free” months wisely for application prep, interviews, Step 2, etc.

♦  Required rotations are less forgiving about time off for interviews

♦  Do not underestimate the amount of time/energy required to:

º  Prepare and submit your application

º  Research residency programs

º  Interview

♦  Select a specialty advisor (see Webcourses) to give you specialty-specific guidance


When on Rotations

♦  Communicate with the course contact person prior to the start of each course (information in catalog)

♦  Know the location and time to report on Day 1


♦  Dress appropriately

♦  Discuss expectations with preceptor on Day 1

♦  Discuss evaluation criteria/grade process and deadlines with each preceptor at start of course


4th Year Evaluations and Grades

♦  Required Courses

º  Graded A, B, C, or F

º  Evaluations and grades will be posted in OASIS

♦  Electives

º  Graded Pass/Fail

º  Evaluations and grades will be posted in OASIS


Sample Schedules