FIRE Winners

Each year the FIRE module culminates with a mini-conference where both first present their proposals and second year students present their results in poster presentations. The following students have been recognized as outstanding by their peers.

March 2011 Mini-Conference:


  • Keith Connolly, Practical Accuracy of Noncontrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reports in the Diagnosis of Type II Superior Labrum Anterior-to-Posterior Lesions (Fire Winner - I2 - Keith Connoly)
    Research Mentor: Brad Homan, DO
  • Sarina Amin, The effects of Phentolamine on Cerebral Hemodynamics During Selective Cerebral Perfusion at Deep Hypothermia in the Neonatal Pig Model (Fire Winner - I2 - Sarina Amin)
    Research Mentor: William DeCampli, MD, PhD
  • Matt Dean, End-tidal Carbon Dioxide Levels are Associated with Mortality and Lactate Levels in Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Sepsis (Fire Winner - I2 - Matthew Dean)
    Research Mentor: Salvatore Silvestri, MD, FACEP


  • Lilly Bayouth, Analysis of IV Ibuprofen in Management of Rib Fracture Related Pain
    Research Mentor: Michael Cheatham, MD
  • Clay Mitchell, An Assessment of a Novel Discharge Model to Reduce Medicare Readmissions for Patients Hospitalized with Congestive Heart Failure or Myocardial Infarction
    Research Mentor: Vincent Hsu, MD, MPH
  • Christina Hsu, A Retrospective Study to Identify Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Recurrent Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
    Research Mentor: Michael Cheatham, MD
  • Samantha Ulmer, Identifying the Barriers of Support for Huntington's Disease in Central Florida
    Research Mentor: Ernestine Lee, MD
  • Mikaela Devaux, A new technique for the delivery of Pediatric Resuscitation drugs
    Research Mentor: Todd Husty, DO
  • Alvin DeTorres, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: correlating bone marrow infiltration pattern with lymph node involvement and comparing hyperleukocytic and non-hyperleukocytic CLL.
    Research Mentor: Antonio Hernandez, MD

FIRE module student winners from Mini-symposium

M-1 – best presentation in each group as determined by peer evaluation

  • Mohammed Elsayed
  • Elizabeth John
  • Erin Kane
  • Preston Dean
  • Mark Siegel
  • Sara Powers
  • Rabia Zafar
  • Matthew Stillwagon

Most outstanding of the class: Erin Kane

M-2 – best poster presentation in each group as determined by peer evaluation:

  • Asha Balakrishnan
  • Alvin Detorres
  • Sharise Richardson
  • Michelle Lipton
  • John Ruder
  • Heather Hartin

Most outstanding of the class:   Alvin Detorres