Become a FIRE Mentor

We have completed another successful year of the FIRE module and are getting ready for the 100 students of the incoming class of 2016. FIRE is a two-year student research module that runs concurrently with the rest of the medical school scheduled courses. Students are required to present a final poster in March of their second year. Some students may wish to continue their research afterwards, but it is not required. In preparation for our fourth year, we are updating our research mentor database and are looking for additional community mentors. If you want to get involved in what are sure to be exciting new research projects envisioned by the bright, young doctors of the future, please complete and submit our brief FIRE Mentor Survey.  The research interests information you provide should stimulate students to ask research questions and may suggest specific ideas for possible student involvement. Research ideas may include:

  • basic laboratory and clinical research
  • public health issues
  • educational development
  • medical informatics
  • biomedical engineering
  • diversity
  • hospitality
  • computer modeling and simulation
  • psychosocial
  • economic
  • fitness
  • epidemiology
  • business practices
  • sports medicine
  • music therapy
  • drug and alcohol abuse issues
  • spirituality
  • nutrition
  • legal and regulatory issues
  • intellectual property and patent issues
  • alternative medicine
  • lifestyle choices.

For more information about participating as a research mentor, please contact Dr. Steven Ebert at