Cancer Research

It is estimated that this year, in the United States, over 1.5 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed and about 570,000 people will die from cancer. Cancer is the second most common cause in America, accounting for 20% of the deaths reported. To address critical needs for novel diagnostics and therapeutics, our laboratories conduct research in the following areas: 1) Investigating ways to limit metastasis in prostate and breast cancer; 2) Regulation of gene expression, gene silencing and telomere homeostasis in cancer cells; 3) Regulation of growth and apoptosis and understanding defects in genes that alter these processes; 4) Developing novel anti-cancer immunotherapuetics and apoptosis-inducing molecules, 5) Molecular studies of tumors in the nervous system and how cells communicate to regulate cell growth; 6) The rational design of novel anticancer therapeutic agents that target DNA and kill tumor cells, and; 7) New diagnostic screens that detect cancer at an early stage when tumor cells are in a primary tissue of origin.