Dr. Topping joined the College in 2013 and serves as a primary faculty member on the Structure and Function Module. He is the course director for the Psycho-social Issues in Healthcare Module and is a mentor to medical students in the Focused Inquiry and Research Experience. He contributes to several other modules and courses in the MD program curriculum, and serves as the Director of the Willed Body Program. He is an elected member of the UCF Faculty Senate, the UCF COM Faculty Council, and several other committee positions at the university and college level. He is the recipient of the UCF College of Medicine’s 2015 Innovative Teaching Award, and was selected for the 2017-2018 UCF COM Dean’s Leadership Enhancement Program, focusing on integrating the utilization of the cadaver laboratory into the mission of the newly created Academic Health Science Center. He was also an awardee of the UCF Teaching Incentive Program in 2018.

He is a graduate of the University of Florida’s College of Medicine in Gainesville, Florida. He continued on to complete a surgical internship and a residency in Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. After completing residency, Dr. Topping pursued fellowship training in Obstetrics at the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center’s Family Residency Program and practiced in rural Washington. He is currently a board-certified family practitioner and has been a full-time medical educator since 2008.

Dr. Topping led an outstanding career in Medical Education at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine’s WWAMI program at the Pullman and Spokane, Washington campuses as evidenced by his Excellence in Teaching Award (2009). As Human Anatomy Laboratory Manager at Washington State University, he coordinated and led gross anatomy instruction for the undergraduate and medical student curriculum.  He also served local high schools and medical professional training programs through numerous cadaver laboratory outreach workshops.

Dr. Topping’s current projects in medical education research include the implementation and evaluation of clinically-oriented anatomy instruction, the interface of technology and anatomy in education. He serves as the co-chair of the gross anatomy courses in collaboration with the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences for the UCF Masters of Biomedical Engineering program. He is the author of the eBook “Russian for Healthcare Providers” and has produced over 25 hours of high definition anatomical prosection videos.

Dr. Topping is a member of the American Association of Anatomists, American Association of Clinical Anatomists and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Society for Simulation in Healthcare and the American Philosophical Association. Dr. Topping has contributed to the field of medical education and family medicine through his publications and presentations.


Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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Abstracts and Presentations

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Book Chapter

  • Topping, DB, Brown PW, Hassold TJ: “Immunocytogenetics and male infertility:  an update.”  The Genetics of Male Infertility,1sted, 2007.


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