Rekha Jiswant, M.D.

Dow Medical School I have a very expressive face and I can drink a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce in a minute.

Mustafa Zahmak, M.D.

Al-Kindy College of Medicine I am loving astrophysics.

Zhabiz Solhjou, M.D.

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Nephrology No one have ever heard my name before, nor can beat my sense of smell!

Luis Sanchez, M.D.

Universidad del Norte Programa de Medicina Hematology/Oncology I have to watch at least one episode of Seinfeld before going to sleep.

Asad Sattar, M.D.

Shifa College of Medicine Hospitalist I am a pretty decent handyman and will work for home-cooked food.

Jorge Restrepo, D.O.

University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Hospitalist I like carpentry very much, and have built several pieces…

Hiren Patel, M.D.

Topiwala National Medical College Cardiology I like old music, ex: the blues and rock.

Chirin Orabi, M.D.

Kalamoon University Faculty of Medicine Hospitalist/Hematology/Oncology Heads up! Even if it’s the first time we meet, expect me to talk to you as if we’ve…

Abed Madanieh, M.D.

University of Damascus Faculty of Medicine Pulmonary/Critical Care/Gastroenterology I sleep walk looking for food.

Sundeep Kumar, M.D.

Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences Jamshoro Cardiology/Endocrinology/Hematology/Oncology I like desert surfing. I am am a pretty good chef, better than my wife.

Javier Jaramillo Morales, M.D.

Universidad de Panama Facultad de Medicina Hospitalist My childhood name was “pez,” which means fish.

Oteni Hamilton, M.D.

Ross University School of Medicine Hospitalist I am a family guy who loves to ride a Kawasaki Zx10R.