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Educational Technology Services provides:




Classroom Equipment



A computer-based software suite that allows you to create Self Learning Modules (SLMs) that students can view online


Cmap Cloud

Cmap Cloud enables the construction and sharing of concept maps using web browsers, and the sharing of these concept maps with other users.



An electronic tool to present phased cases to students and collect their thoughts as they work their way through the cases



Olympus server allows faculty and students to access, annotate, save, and link to a rich set of medical slides:

For information on accessing these tutorials please contact Dale Voorhees at or 407.266.1435



A student learning platform and support app developed by medical students at Johns Hopkins that provides a solution for learning in an engaging, interactive, and structured manner.



PowerPoint is a Microsoft Office program that allows users to create appealing presentations and display information in a graphical format. It can be used in conjunction with the TurningPoint audience response system for enhanced interactivity in the classroom or with Adobe Presenter to produce online multimedia presentations:


Skype for Business

Previously known as Lync, Skype for Business is a computer-based software application that allows you to create, host, and attend web conferences


TurningPoint Cloud

TurningPoint is the College of Medicine’s audience response system, which allows students to use physical “clickers” or laptop computers for submitting responses:


Webcourses (Canvas)

An online learning management system (LMS) where you can post and manage course content and resources, manage assignments and grades, and interact with students through discussions and announcements.


Additional Teaching Resources