The promotion and tenure process requires ongoing planning and support.  The following resources are provided to guide you through each step, from deciding if you’re ready for P&T all the way through the requirements and deadlines.  If you have additional questions regarding the P&T services and resources offered by your Faculty Development office, please contact us at


Am I ready for promotion or tenure?

The following checklists were created to quickly assess your readiness for promotion.  They’re also helpful in identifying the evidence you would want to collect for book 2 in support of your application for promotion.

Clinical Sciences, Internal Medicine and Medical Education Faculty

Burnett Faculty (coming soon)


Promotion & Tenure Guidelines and Timeline



Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences Faculty

Clinical Sciences Department Faculty

Internal Medicine Department Faculty

Medical Education Department Faculty


What additional services are offered?

Tips from Faculty who were recently promoted or serve on P&T review committees

You can contact Faculty Development anytime throughout the process: